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Rants and Reviews while drinking brews!

The Barroom Gamers

11Mike Hernandez, the founder of  is a 30 years old, married-with-kids, undergraduate at the University of California San Diego. He enjoys playing and talking video games with anyone, as well as enjoying delicious alcoholic beverages to accompany him in his gaming experiences. He’s new to the realm of blogging, but  loves the idea of sharing his thoughts about video games, or anything related to them,with the world. He loves to discuss. PSN & Wii U ID: Hernzy  Xbox 360: Hernz Twitter @barroomgamer


000Roman Quevedo, co-founder of has been gaming as far back as the good old NES days. He’s a father to three future gamers and works as an automotive technician by day. He’s currently gaming under the PSN ID B13SUNNY, going heavy on the first person shooters, but also enjoys the more story driven franchises. Twitter: @b13sunny1312.


830368_478516712210617_446690435_o (1) Paige Belmont is a 27 year old Philadelphia native who is hopelessly addicted to games, Star Wars, and cats.  She collect retro systems and arcades, frequent the con circuit and is planning on a retro gaming wedding – with the ceremony being held at the Nintendo World Store this September. She also collects awesome, nerdy t-shirts, artwork, pretty much anything you can think of. Twitter: @GameGadgetGirl


steveSteve Young has been playing video games since the ColecoVision, Atari, and shortly soon after, Nintendo with the Power Pad. Some of his all-time favorites included the original Mario Bros., Metroid, and no shit, Contra. He was later on Team Sega during the great 16-bit console war of the mid-90s. Currently, he has taken an exclusive liking to Sony consoles. PSN: Madboy32 Twitter: @StevenYoungUSMC


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