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Steve’s Game Rants #2: I’m back!


Hello boys and girls, it has been a minute since my last *cough* first post, but I’ve been doing a little soul searching, as well as getting back to my gaming roots. I’ve been spending a lot of time replaying some of my old PS3/2 games just to get back into the groove of things. If you guys want to hit me up online, the gamer tag is Madboy32. My journey back into the gaming world starts with a little God of War. With the exception of God of War Ascension, which blew balls, the God of War series is easily in the top five all-time favorite franchises. I mean seriously, I still get excited whenever I boot up the first game.


Next up was the Batman Arkham series. Why?, because it never gets old beating the crap out of inmates as Batman. I’m currently playing Call of Duty Ghosts, but I have mixed feelings towards it. I both love it and I hate at the same time. There are just some WTF moments in multiplayer that has my head spinning at times. For example, that damn dog! I emptied an entire clip and this little SOB still got the best of me! Anyways, just letting everyone know I’m back to speak on games I love with a passion. Get back to your roots gamers, play some games and hit me up! Later!



Image Steve Young has been playing video games since the ColecoVision, Atari, and shortly soon after, Nintendo with the Power Pad. Some of his all-time favorites included the original Mario Bros., Metroid, and no shit, Contra. He was later on Team Sega during the great 16-bit console war of the mid-90s. Currently, he has taken an exclusive liking to Sony consoles. PSN: Madboy32 Twitter: @StevenYoungUSMC


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