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Full Frontal Nerdity : New Year, New Games


While it’s been awhile since I posted here on, that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle.  In addition to my efforts on, I also participate in a number of other forums, webpages, blogs, and youtube channels.  Sounds like there isn’t a lot of time for games, right?  False.  Since I don’t have traditional employment, I dedicate a few hours a day to playing games, and I have to tell you, this year has me super excited.  We have a lot of anticipated games that are being released in 2014, especially with the advent of a new generation of consoles.  If you aren’t in awe by the advancements we have made in gaming, go play 20 minutes of pong and then play a current generation game of your choosing, and realize that all of this was accomplished in a matter of a few decades.  This is truly an exhilarating time for all of us, as we get to see Moore’s Law in action every day.  Aside from all of that, there are two releases that I would like to discuss with you because I am nearly beside myself in anticipation.

First up, being released on February 25 of this year (it’s soooo close) is Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, which will consist of HD remakes of two Namco Bandai titles from their iconic Tales series of JRPG games.  The series just marked its 15th anniversary in 2013 and in recent years has garnered a stronger western presence.  With the western release of Tales of Xillia in August 2013 and the anticipation of Xillia 2, being released in July 2014, Namco Bandai has nestled Chronicles release in a sweet spot of Tales frenzy.  I, for one, am a ravenous Tales fan, it’s a time consuming habit.  With over 250 hours logged on my Tales of Symphonia 2 save file and a cat named Tenebrae, I can safely say that I am salivating for this release.


Next up, I wouldn’t be a Belmont if I weren’t excited for Konami’s latest Castlevania installment.  This year, we see the release of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, also being released on February 25th– which actually sucks for me because both of these titles are coming out 3 days before I move.  THERE WILL BE NO TIME FOR PLAYING D= – that aside, the E3 trailer reveal for this game gave me goosebumps.  It made me feel unnaturally excited, I can only assume this is the feeling of the power of generations of Belmonts welling up inside of me in eager anticipation for the next encounter with evil. LoS2 flexes some Hollywood voice talent and the latest trailer has a decidedly theatrical feel to it.  Hopefully this is a precursor to that Castlevania movie that has been teased to us for the better part of a decade.

Lords of Shadow 2 will pick up where the first game left off, so hurry kids, if you haven’t played the first one, you have a little less than a month.  These two games are the tip of the iceberg for what we are going to see this year, and I can’t wait.  I will update you guys on how little unpacking I am going to get done once my consoles are hooked up at the new place.

 830368_478516712210617_446690435_o (1)Paige Belmont is a 27 year old Philadelphia native who is hopelessly addicted to games, Star Wars, and cats.  She collect retro systems and arcades, frequent the con circuit and is planning on a retro gaming wedding – with the ceremony being held at the Nintendo World Store this September. She also collects awesome, nerdy t-shirts, artwork, pretty much anything you can think of. Twitter: @GameGadgetGirl


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